<p>Monday, June 12, 2023, 5:30 p.m. (in italian language)</p>
<h2>Between lines and colors</h2>


Monday, June 12, 2023, 5:30 p.m. (in italian language)

Between lines and colors

Bolognese drawings of the 1500s in the collections of the Louvre museum

This appointment will present the study conducted by Roberta Serra, Ingénieur d’études, study and research officer at the Graphic Arts Department of the Louvre Museum, on the collection of drawings by Bolognese artists of the 1500s preserved at the Louvre Museum and the exhibition that accompanied its publication.
Professor Sonia Cavicchioli, a member of the scientific committee Fondazione Palazzo Boncompagni, will introduce.

La Presentazione di Gesù al Tempio

The volume, published in September 2022, brings together some 500 works. It belongs to a series published by the museum (co-edited by Silvana Editoriale) having the vocation of updating the inventory of its incredible graphic arts collection, rich in several thousand works on paper. To celebrate the book’s release, Roberta Serra curated an exhibition presenting a selection of drawings included in it. Visitors to the Louvre museum were able to discover, during about four months, the way of drawing of some prominent Bolognese artists, such as the courtly Francesco Francia, but also of other lesser-known personalities, such as Biagio Pupini, a prolific draughtsman and for this very reason particularly interesting.

There was no shortage of references to the work of Pellegrino Tibaldi, a refined and vigorous draughtsman, and that of Bartolomeo Passerotti, whose expressive power leaves no one indifferent. Such an exhibition has impressed, fascinated, and seduced the thousands of visitors who frequent the Louvre museum every day, but few Bolognese were able to see it.

Roberta Serra will take us on its discovery through a chronological overview that will allow us to see some of the works of these artists created in Bologna for Bologna, but now cosί far away.

tra linee e colori

Roberta Serra, Ingénieur d’études, assigned to study and research at the Graphic Arts Department of the Louvre Museum, she devotes the bulk of her research to 16th-century Italian drawing.

The publication of the 12th volume of the series Inventaire général des dessins italiens, dedicated to sixteenth-century Bolognese artists, is her latest work. During her years as a research art historian at the Louvre, she shared the curatorship of several exhibitions organized in Paris and Italy : Verrocchio, Lorenzo di Credi, Francesco di Simone Ferrucci (Louvre, 2003), Polidoro da Caravaggio (Louvre, 2007),

Baccio Bandinelli (Louvre, 2008), Beccafumi (Louvre, 2009), Les Enluminures du Louvre (Louvre, 2011), Giulio Romano: élève de Raphaël et peintre des Gonzague (Louvre, 2012-2013), Parmigianino, dessins du Louvre (Louvre, 2015-2016), Giulio Romano a Mantova. “With new and extravagant manner” (Mantua, Ducal Palace, 2019), Dessins bolonais du XVIe siècle dans les collections du Louvre (Louvre, 2022-2023).

These exhibitions were all accompanied by catalogs in which she authored essays and entries. The results of her research are also published in the Louvre Museum’s database.

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• June 12, 5:30 p.m. – free conference with reservations required

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Bartolomeo Passerotti
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Testa di uomo
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Orazio Sammachini
Presentazione di Gesù al Tempio
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