Palazzo Boncompagni Foundation


Palazzo Boncompagni Foundation

The Palazzo Boncompagni Foundation was established at the beginning of 2022 to manage the enhancement and restoration of the Palazzo, as well as to promote knowledge of the figure of Pope Gregory XIII, who was born there in 1501.

The building has been owned by the Benelli family since the end of the 19th Century. In 2008, Andrea Pizzighini Benelli began an intense restoration project which is, today, continued by his wife, Paola Pizzighini Benelli and by his children. The family is working to restore the prestigious residence to its former glory and thanks to this work, new discoveries come to light every day, all to be studied.

Affresco Sala del Papa
Gregorio XIII - 450 anni

2022 is a special year because it is 450 years since the ascent to the Papal Throne of Ugo Boncompagni, Pope Gregory XIII, and the newly formed Foundation will celebrate this anniversary with a series of activities and events.


May 2022

450 years
of Pope Gregory XIII


On May 25th, 450 years ago, Ugo Boncompagni was crowned Pope and given the name “Gregory XIII”, after a very short conclave held on May 13th 1572.
On the occasion of this symbolic anniversary, the Palazzo Boncompagni Foundation is organizing a rich program of activities.