<p>May 2022</p>
<h2> 450 years<br />
of Pope Gregory XIII</h2>


May 2022

450 years
of Pope Gregory XIII


On the occasion of this symbolic anniversary, the Palazzo Boncompagni Foundation is organizing a rich program of activities.

On May 25th, 450 years ago, Ugo Boncompagni was crowned Pope and given the name “Gregory XIII”, after a very short conclave held on May 13th 1572.

Sala del 700

From that day his home was Rome but, before then, he had lived in the rooms of Via del Monte 8, in the building that bears the name of his family and which, today, Paola Pizzighini Benelli has returned to the city as a venue for artistic and cultural events.

On the occasion of this important anniversary, the newly formed Palazzo Boncompagni Foundation is organizing a series of initiatives that will develop throughout 2022. These initiatives will involve the entire city, from institutions such as the Municipality and the Archdiocese of Bologna, to citizens, to tell the story of an ancient residence still relatively unknown and to recognise the fundamental importance of the figure of a Pope in relation to Christianity and beyond.

Lavinia Fontana

The exhibition is sponsored by the Municipality and some activities will be carried out in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Bologna. The visual identity of the exhibition was created starting from a portrait of Pope Gregory XIII, painted by the Bolognese painter Lavinia Fontana, to further strengthen the bond with the city.


To deepen and make known the story of such an innovative Pope, three podcasts have been produced that will be published monthly on our website. They detail the life, works and fundamental revolution of the Gregorian Calendar. The voice that tells the story of Gregory XIII is that of Marco Carminati, art historian, journalist and editor-in-chief of the cultural insert “Domenica del Sole 24 Ore”, directed by Ottavia Casagrande.
Listen to them now.