Room of the ‘700

The room of the ‘700, on the noble floor of the building, houses paintings that recall the events of the Boncompagni papacy.

Paintings depict the studies for the reform of the calendar and an encounter with Japanese princes, as well as representations of various gifts received by the Pope from Roman women, the King of France and also from his son, Giacomo.
In this room there are also several allegories, including one relating to mathematics. This confirms the Pope’s interest in science, which is connected to the naturalistic representations of the papal audience hall.
At his side is another allegory, the pietas, which pays homage to the Pope’s generosity towards women without a dowry. Such sensitivity, unusual for the times and of which the Pope was a forerunner, indicates the creation in Bologna, during those years, of the Monte del Matrimonio; an institution that exists to this day.

To learn more about the events related to the revolution of time, the Gregorian Calendar and the creation of the Monte del Matrimonio, you can visit the PALAZZO STORIES section.

Mimmo Paladino


February 1-June 9, 2024

Mimmo Paladino

in the Palace of the Pope

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Arte Fiera Mimmo Paladino, internationally renowned artist, returns after many years to exhibit in Bologna with large paintings and sculptures in a venue that enhances and celebrates his creative poetics.
Curated by Silvia Evangelisti